Introducing Recurly Integration for Ninja Forms!

We’re thrilled today to announce the release of our newest addition to the Ninja Forms extension library: Recurly! Around the world and the WordPress space, many of the most successful businesses of our time are turning to the predictable, sustained revenue stream of the subscription model. Recurly is an industry leader in providing flexible, secure subscription plans that will accommodate a wide range of billing models with superb customer support and a seamless user experience. Recurly + Ninja Forms puts that power at your disposal no matter how big or small your company may be.
What is Recurly?
In the simplest terms, Recurly is a subscription management platform. Subscription management can be a pain even for businesses with the overhead to devote a whole team to it. If you’re a small business, subscription management can be an incredible headache. The results are clear though: subscriptions, especially automatic recurring subscriptions, are great for your business’ bottom line. Making subscription management accessible and painless is their area of expertise.
If you offer subscription plans of any form- one-time charge, recurring, seat based, usage-based, you name



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