Removing The Blindfold for WordPress Theme Authors With Freemius Insights

Everything has been said about the popularity of WordPress as a CMS. We’ve all heard time and time again about how it powers 26% (or is it 27% by now?) of the websites on the internet, which is around 15,886,000 websites! That’s a big deal, and no one can take that away. That being said, WordPress does have a few lacunae (but we still love it!) as a platform that aims to power so many websites and serve so many people. One of those lacunae, which has not been seriously addressed yet is information (metrics/analytics/user-data).
A huge percent of the websites powered by WordPress are made using WordPress themes, yet most of the WordPress developers who create those themes are blindfolded. They have no way of knowing who is using their themes, how are they using them and where are they using them.
If you disagree with the statement I just made above – see if you can answer the following set of trivial questions that every SaaS company product manager MUST be able to answer:
Which features do users favorite most about your theme?
What is the life cycle of your purchase theme? Or how long a website will be using your theme on average?
What are the main reasons driving



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