Design Decisions Behind A WordPress Theme

As you may have noticed, SitePoint now offers our own range of premium WordPress Themes. Our newest and – we think – most attractive theme is called ‘Portfolio’. We worked closely with a very talented designer – Shahadat from Droitlabs – to try to create the ideal platform for designers, writers, artists, and even front-end coders to showcase their talents. The brief was ‘crisp, open and minimalist’. I thought it might be useful to break down the key design decisions that drove it.
1). Choosing the Typography: Raleway and Open Sans Regular
Typography choices are always loaded. Arguably no other design decision will be so totally pervasive to the feel of a design, yet also strangely invisible to the user. The may read thousands of words a day on Facebook, yet ask the average user to describe the font used, and they’ll most likely blink and shrug.
For the headings in Portfolio, we picked perhaps my favorite sans-serif font available in the Google catalog – Raleway, Matt McInerney’s profoundly elegant creation.
Why do I like it so much? Check out that ‘W’!
Raleway has the look of flexed and machined steel –



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