How to install favicons and mobile icons on your WordPress site

Favicons are those cute 16 x 16 pixels images that make your site easily identifiable when multiple browser tabs are open. More and more WordPress sites are using favicons are as a tool to establish visual identity at first glance. It’s definitely one great way to enforce brand consistency and make sure that your pages or posts stand out from the crowd. Getting favicons set up should be a priority for every WordPress site owner. The good news is that it takes just a few minutes of your time (sometimes even less), and you don’t even need to hire a graphic designer or spend money to get it done. This post not only points out the importance of favicons for your burgeoning brand, but also lays out elaborate steps that you can follow to get pretty favicons and beautiful mobile icons set up for your site.
Favicons – a little background check
Favicons were first introduced with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5 browser back in 1999. To make it work, website owners were required to strictly save the file as favicon.ico, and then put it in the root folder of their domain (e.g. Fast forward to today and all major browsers (including Safari,



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