unConversions: Convince Your WordPress Plugin/Theme Users to do Nothing

You’ve probably read a lot about conversion rate optimization (CRO), the practice of testing user experiences to encourage visitors to take actions that drive value. If you care about your WordPress plugin or theme business, you’ve been A/B testing landing pages, newsletter subscribe pages, in-plugin/theme upsell messaging, and any other place where visitors could give you money.
Did you know you can actually encourage users to do absolutely nothing and have an even BIGGER impact on your bottom line?
Encouraging users to do nothing can result in higher profits per customer and a much more efficient use of your advertising dollars. Money for nothing and clicks for free!
What is uCRO?
uCRO or “unconversion rate optimization” is the practice of testing user experiences to encourage users to *not* take actions which detract from profitability.
Unlike CRO which focuses attention at the top of the funnel, uCRO focuses attention on keeping customers from dropping out the other end by discouraging actions like canceling your recurring services, uninstalling your plugin/theme, requesting refunds, or increasing your operational expenses.
By focusing on both ends of the
Source: https://managewp.org/articles/14596/unconversions-convince-your-wordpress-plugin-theme-users-to-do-nothing

Source: https://williechiu40.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/unconversions-convince-your-wordpress-plugintheme-users-to-do-nothing-2/


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