Top WordPress Myths You Should Stop Thinking About: Part 1

As WordPress grows in popularity, so do the misconceptions/myths connected with it. Being the top CMS there are plenty of WordPress myths, and new people running into WordPress would most certainly be confused. Today we will focus on top WordPress myths revolving around WordPress hemisphere and hopefully come to a conclusion of how much of these myths are true. Myth 1# You should hide the fact your using a WordPress site
If you’re curious about how this hiding software version thingy came into scene then I must quote from WP White Security –
The idea of hiding the version of the software you are running originated from the web application security industry, because many organizations cannot always use the latest version of the web server or other software available because of web application incompatibilities.
Therefore most of the time, by hiding the version of the web server saved them from malicious hacker attacks, especially back in the days when automated security tools, which are also used for hacking were not so popular or couldn’t identify most of the vulnerabilities.
There are various ways to know about WordPress version, In most cases it won’t help



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