Trend Assessment: Chatbots & Your Website

Thanks to various technology, it has become much easier for businesses to perform tasks with little to no human intervention and improve conversion rates as a result – like chatbots. Defining the Chatbot
Before we can discuss what a chatbot can do, we need to discuss what it is. A chatbot takes the form of an interface, which allows the user to perform any number of tasks. These tasks allow businesses to converse with customers through websites (and social media, to accomplish certain goals. Nowadays, chatbots have become so advanced that they can carry the conversation further than answering a frequently asked question based on cues people give (by leveraging machine learning).
Selling Your Products and Services
Asides from customer service queries, there are other ways chatbots can help companies. For example, these devices are being used by businesses to sell their products and services. After the bot collects enough information about a customer’s preferences, it can recommend items that someone may like. Chatbots can also do this at any time of day, which can lead to a sale any time of day.
Using Chatbots To Make Payments
Once the customer knows what they want, a chatbot can



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