Contributor Day of WordCamp London 2017 in Photos

The 2017 edition of WordCamp London kicked off today with a fully packed contributor day at the Graduate Centre of the Metropolitan University here in London. Almost hundred WordPress contributors came together to contribute and get acquainted with contributing to the WordPress project.
The day started with a formal introduction to the contributor day and how contributors from all around the world maintain the WordPress project. The organisers thanked all the contributors for their time and motivated the new ones to get involved.
Several teams in areas including Documentation, Accessibility, BuddyPress, Community, Core, Design, Polyglots, Support, Themes, among others were then formed to work in sessions of the day.
Team lead in each group helped new contributors get started with the process. Many of them later reported the progress of getting new contributors signed up for the projects in their closing reviews.
The Accessibility team also held a short seminar in the afternoon session dedicated to helping users make their websites more accessible using the keyboard.
The contributor day finally came to an end with closing reviews from the team leaders and the WordCamp London organising



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