Laziness lands WooCommerce entrepreneurs on Shark Tank

How could a moment of laziness lead to an appearance on Shark Tank and an expanding business that has become more work than an actual full-time job? Friday Beers can answer that question. About 18 months ago, Lee Mathers just wanted a cold beer on a Friday afternoon, and set about solving his own problem. His story is an example of how quickly entrepreneurship can get out of hand when you hit on a good idea. Lee is one of the founders of Friday Beers, an Australian company that will deliver a selection of cold craft beers right to your desk in Brisbane or Sydney. Its success is proof that cubicle life is thirsty work.
Friday Beers is a full time gig for Lee, and also keeps his cofounders on the hop. They appeared on Season 2 of Shark Tank in July of 2016, and were successful in their bid for a Shark (Steve Baxter) as a partner.
I’d love to say we caught up over a couple of cold ones, but the reality was still a pretty interesting Skype conversation between Lee and myself. As far as I know, neither of us were drinking anything stronger than coffee at the time.
Ali: I’ll start by asking you to tell me a little bit about the catalyst for starting Friday Beers.
Lee: This all



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