How WordPress Is Powering The Future: Case Study

Every year thousands of tech companies descend upon Las Vegas for CES to celebrate all things tech. Established companies present their latest products, and startups have the opportunity to reach more people. Participants and attendees include auto manufacturers, newborn startups, investors, specialized media, tech aficionados, and more. Two months ago, 180,000 attendees from over 100 different countries gathered to share projects.
My country, France boasted the second-highest attendance numbers after America. That is due in part to the fact that France just opened the biggest startup accelerator of the world: Station F in a former train station facility (more info here in this article from TechCrunch) and France also created a new special Visa for startup founders, tech talents and tech investors willing to join France (more info here).
While that’s a big win for France, WordPress really took home the CES gold.
If there is one thing I learned over the past year, it’s that when you’re talking about tech, there is always WordPress somewhere.
WordPress already controls 27 percent of the Internet but the CMS isn’t giving up and as we saw during the conference, has



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