Inheriting WordPress Projects: Tips For Development

If you’re running a business that focuses both on developing solutions from the ground-up or that focuses on implementing a custom solution in the context of pre-existing projects (or maybe both), then you’ve likely – at some point – been in the situation of inheriting WordPress projects. Tackling projects from either handle brings its set of challenges – most of them welcome – but it seems to be far more common place for people to complain about working with a pre-existing codebase.
It’s not that I don’t get that feeling, but I do think there’s a level of immaturity in doing that. On the one hand, yes some codebases are outright terrible. But then some codebases aren’t that bad. In fact, I’d argue they are just a little bit different from how you’d develop it.
This is a case in which standards come into play, but I digress on this for now.
So let’s say you’re inheriting WordPress projects and you’re not particularly stoked about the codebase with which you’re working. How is it that you can still enjoy the work that you’re doing without feeling like you need to critique every aspect



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