Gravity PDF 4.1 Makes PDF Templates First Class Citizens

Gravity PDF 4.1 makes managing PDF templates a whole lot easier with the new Advanced Template Manager! You can view, search, install and delete PDFs right from the UI. Other highlighted features include the new PDF Merge Tags and four column support in our core PDF templates. This release also includes a number of changes to allow developers to greatly enhance custom PDF templates – from installation actions, new API endpoints and filters / actions. A handful of bugs are also fixed.
Managing PDF Templates in WordPress
Managing PDF templates just became a breeze with our new Advanced Template Manager. Based on the WordPress Theme Manager, you can easily search through your installed templates, see what a PDF might look like and view supported features – all without a page reload! We’ve added the ability to install PDFs via a zip file and easily delete them, too.
Gravity PDF Merge Tags
The gravitypdf shortcode is an excellent way to display a PDF download link on your website. But sometimes it’s more useful to display the raw PDF URL, and that’s where the new PDF merge tag {Title:pdf:ID} comes in.
The PDF Merge Tag will be automatically converted to a URL



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