PressBrew Launches to Serve the Growing Beer Needs of the WP Community

It’s estimated that WordPress now powers 28% of the internet – but did you know that beer powers 93% of the WordPress community? (The remaining 7% is divided between whiskey, wine and amphetami… er, coffee.) This staggering figure was the impetus behind Pagely’s quest to quench the thirst of WordPress enthusiasts everywhere, via the bold – and potentially ill-advised – launch of PressBrew.
By harnessing the heat generated from managed servers across the globe, Pagely engineers are able to simultaneously brew a variety of palatable beers while they go about their normal jobs.
“It’s really a match made in heaven. Beer powered by servers that host some of the world’s largest WordPress sites has been a dream of mine since I was 17 – and now we’re making that dream into a delicious reality,” said Kristopher LaGraff, Dir. of Customer Success and Head Beer Meister.
Robert Rowley, Head of Security and Brewery Maintenance Technician, agrees. “After making sure our hosting platform is locked down, my new second priority is on quality hops and a clean finish. We’re there now, but we can always improve on both.”



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