We Share Our Biggest Website Mistakes: WP-Tonic #176

This week we look at our most memorable and biggest website mistakes. We’ll talk about what we learned from our experiences, and what we changed in our processes afterwards. Feel free to follow along in the show notes below. Our episode this week is sponsored by Liquid Web. Liquid Web is offering a 33% discount for 6 months. Head over to LiquidWeb.com/wordpress and use the code WPTONIC33 at checkout for your discount.
This Weeks WordPress Expert Panel
David Hayes: from WPShout
Sallie Goetsch: from WP Fangirl
Jackie D’Elia: from Jackie D’Elia Design
Lee Jackson: from Angled Crown
John Locke: from Lockedown Design
Jonathan Denwood: from WP-Tonic.com
Lee’s Website Mistakes
Lee Jackson started a theme in today’s episode by stating one of his biggest website mistakes was updating a Multisite install without backing up everything first. Having backups of your site is important because if an update causes something to break, you can revert to the original state.
How Lee handles this now is using Duplicator Pro to create restorable backups before updating plugins or themes on sites. The other thing they do is create nightly site backups in Google Drive or Dropbox.
Source: https://managewp.org/articles/14757/we-share-our-biggest-website-mistakes-wp-tonic-176

Source: https://williechiu40.wordpress.com/2017/04/02/we-share-our-biggest-website-mistakes-wp-tonic-176/


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