Interview with David Waumsley & Nathan Wrigley

Page builders have become very popular in the last couple of years. We are discussing how Beaver Builder has had explosive growth and how it impacts the user experience. What will the impact be for WordPress users in years to come? There are two guests on this show that have a very strong presence in the Beaver Builder community.
Listen to the episode:
Guests :
Nathan Wrigley – Lives in the Northeast of England. He can be heard on the podcast wpBuilds with David Waumsley. He loves talking about why Beaver Builder is the number one page builder for WordPress. Nathan owns a business called Picture and Word that designs and builds websites for clients.
David Waumsley – Builds websites with WordPress, lives by the beach in Goa and is a road warrior traveling to many countries with his wife. David is the second half of the podcast wpBuilds and is another Beaver Builder enthusiast. David creates many YouTube instructional videos using Beaver Builder.
In this episode you’ll hear:
How Beaver Builder has a passionate supportive community around the page builder (03:05)
Scaling to an agency level takes a huge amount of time that requires additional skills around people management.



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