How Imagely Optimizes User-retention & Keeps ‘NextGEN Gallery’ Popular

This time I want to bring forth a special success story of the very popular WordPress plugin: NextGEN Gallery, by Imagely. In fact, it’s our most popular plugin partner here at Freemius. After working with various high-caliber partners, one of the things that we’ve learned is that usage-tracking and lead generation can become quite pricey very quickly, mainly due to the large amounts of data. If the company doesn’t allocate/have the human resources and time to invest in taking those leads and data and convert them into revenue that’s prone to tumble the process. Increasing your bottom line involves analyzing and taking action on the insights extracted from your product.
Therefore, we changed our strategy, and when we work with successful plugin or theme businesses, such as Imagely, we offer a combination of the platform with a services layer. In the combo, we take the time to build a marketing automation campaign, based on the partner’s needs, in order to convert the data into dollars. NextGEN Gallery was the first plugin we’ve partnered with in such a constellation, and we are super-happy with the results!
I’ve therefore invited Image’s



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