How to Build a Genesis Landing Page with ACF Pro

Advanced Custom Fields is an amazing tool, and I use it constantly when building custom Genesis themes. The developer license ($100 for lifetime usage on unlimited sites as of this writing) is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. Let’s be honest – the stock landing page template that comes with Genesis is a little…. boring. Sure, it removes the header, footer, and sidebar(s) to give you a full width blank slate, but it really doesn’t do much else. Luckily ACF makes it easy to create an awesome Genesis landing page, and I’ve written a template that can serve as a great starting point for your own projects.
What You’ll Need
I’ve provided all the code you’ll need to create a custom Genesis landing page but you’ll need ACF Pro to implement it.
The free version doesn’t have the field options used in the demo, so while you’re welcome to play around with it before you buy, you won’t be able to follow this tutorial unless you own a Pro license. I promise it’s worth it!
You’ll also need FTP access to your site, and please don’t skip making a full backup before you make changes,



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