StudioPress Genesis Child Themes Updates Improve Compatibility with WooCommerce

The other day, when I was perusing the child themes on StudioPress, something caught my eye. I noticed that the Smart Passive Pro Child Theme I was using had been recently updated. After some research, I found out something that, well, made me happy. Let me start out by saying the Genesis Child Themes over on StudioPress are now much more well-behaved. It’s the small details, but they can be so important. So I updated the theme here on my site and this is what I discovered.
Genesis Connect for WooCommerce Plugin
Although you still need the Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin , you will no longer have to add this code into your functions.php file:
add_theme_support( ‘genesis-connect-woocommerce’ );
I discovered this by accident as I hadn’t copied over my custom code yet, but I noticed that things were still working just fine.
WooCommerce Now Using Child Themes Styles
If you haven’t noticed in the past, when you use WooCommerce with the child themes, there are some subtle styles that WooCommerce overrides. For example, on your shop page, the standard color of the buy button is what comes with Woo, not the color your other non-Woo Commerce related buttons are elsewhere



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