Top 10 Things to do After Installing WordPress

It’s great to have WordPress installed. But the common question asked by the beginners is What do you do after installing WordPress? In this post I’ll guide you to 10 most essential things to be done after installing WordPress. Here are 10 Things to do after installing WordPress:
1. Configure General Settings
General Settings include Site Title, Tagline, User Registration option, Timezone and Favicon which have to be configured. Go to Settings> General option on the Dashboard.
Change the Site Title, Tagline and TimeZone:
Site Title and Tagline should be such that it resembles your site, as it will appear in the Google search results. Default site tagline is “just another WordPress site”.
Scroll down to set up the TimeZone to your local time. Doing so will enable you to schedule your Posts according to your Timezone.
Now add a Favicon to your Website.
What exactly this Favicon is and how important it is for your website?
Favicon is a small icon that appear next to your website title in the browser. This icon will later help you to gain recognition for your website. People will start identifying you where ever they see this icon. Favicon also help you build



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