The Hitchhiker’s Guide to WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris

I was going to write a few random tips about WordCamp Europe to help out some friends in a non-official / not-too-serious way, but then I ended up writing this and I thought it was worth sharing to a larger audience. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Without further ado, here’s the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to WordCamp Europe written by an Italian living in the Paris area.
Where to Stay in Paris
As a general statement I advise not to stay close to the venue for the very simple reason that there’s nothing to do in that area after the conference (you can use Google StreetView if you want to see for yourself ). If you come as a sponsor with a booth this might be a reason to be close to the venue, but you will have to go in the city centre or in some other areas for enjoying nightlife.
On the hotels page on the WordCamp Europe site make sure you scroll down past the first map in order to see hotels located in other areas which are definitely more lively.
I created a simplistic map of the WCEU events. The WordCamp Europe venue is up north, and the party on the west side. I also drew a small section of the metro lines 1 and 12 (they are longer than in my drawing)



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