Setka Editor Provides a New Approach to Styling WordPress Content

If you want to engage the readers on your site, you need to go beyond mere words on the page. Style and presentation matter, which is one reason for the explosion of page builders in the WordPress ecosystem. Setka Editor, the tool I’m reviewing today, is born from that same impetus – from the desire to, as the developers put it, “make content creation easy, beautiful, and accessible to everyone.”
Setka Editor is a WordPress content editor that offers one of the quickest ways to create beautifully designed content that I’ve encountered. And it’s now available for free at the plugin directory.
If you’ve ever struggled with trying to create more stylish WordPress content, this is a post that you should read.
What Is Setka Editor?
Setka Editor is tough to put into words because I’ve never used anything like it. It has some similarities to a visual page builder, but that’s not a perfect definition.
Basically, Setka Editor takes over your normal WordPress Editor interface with a new Setka Editor tab.
The goal? To allow you to quickly and easily design gorgeous content without needing to deal with CSS or HTML. And yes, that



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