From €7,000 to €21,000/monthly: 6 months of growth and a €450,000 fundraising – Weglot blog

Six months ago, in October, we published an article about Weglot’s beginning and how we went from €0 to €7,000 of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). At the end of this article we set the goal for the next 6 months: Reach €20,000 MRR. That objective seemed a bit frightening at the time, as it took a lot more than 6 months to reach our first €7,000 MRR: We were uncertain if we could reach that €20,000 in 6 more months. But here we are, we have passed €21,000 MRR and we keep growing at a fast pace!
Here are a few of the challenges that we faced and the tips that we learned along the way.
Increase the value of the product
During these six months we listened carefully to users’ feedback and added the features that were most needed to increase the potential of Weglot. Everytime a feature was asked by more than 10 different users each week it meant we needed to add it.
First, we added an “auto-redirect” feature so that visitors could be automatically redirected to the page in their language, without having to click on the language button. Weglot now detects the user’s language and serves the translated page.
We also connected Weglot’s



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