How to Optimize Local Development in 2017

Making changes to your site can be risky. You might break a functionality that would deter potential readers or customers. Every developer should take steps to make sure all changes can be tested before going live, and local development tools are an easy way to do that. Using local development tools will save you a lot of headaches down the road. Setting up a local server with the right tools is quite important and should be taken into account. Production Server vs. Local Server
If you’ve been into theme or plugin development, then I’m sure you’ll be familiar these two terms. A production server, or live server, deploys and hosts live websites. Whereas, a local server provides a development environment similar to the production server which ultimately hosts your WordPress installation.
In between these two, is the development server. It helps you to host a staging area for your website. After developing a theme on a local server, you can test and debug it on a development server. Once the things are finalized, you can move it to the live server.
Why is Local Development Important?
Configuring a local setup to develop a WordPress theme is beneficial for a variety of



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