The Business Playbook To Adding New Features To Your WP Website

If I had to pick one and only thing that led me to using WordPress is the abundance of plugins. In the official WordPress repository, as of today, you can find more than 50k of such “chunks” of software you can add to your website and eCommerce store. And if you add premium ones (paid plugins) on top of that number, there’s no shortage of ways for you to extend your website/store functionality.
Do you need a more convenient way to edit your metadata info for your on-page SEO activity?
Do you need to add PayPal as a payment method to your eCommerce?
Do you need better ways to manage your cache?
Thanks to plugins, you’re (almost) covered!
But what if nothing on the market addresses your current needs?
What happens when your needs are so specific that go beyond what a given plugin can provide you with?
Each business has its own needs and, based on them, its own path to being successful and profitable. That’s why the very same plugin can be good enough as is for a business website, while in need to be further customized for another. Or maybe none of this is even slightly applicable in some cases and only a brand new, developed from scratch plugin would make



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