Promising Bangladeshi Startups Using WordPress! – weDevs

You might already know that WordPress powers around 27% of internet. The platform is readily prepared for search engine optimization as a result of which WordPress websites receive 22.17 billion page views monthly. Remarkable, isn’t it? It can work as fully qualified solution many types of business. Lately, the web based startups are making the best use of WordPress as it offers freely available useful features that are required by these companies. Startups are experiencing a rapid growth all over the world. The scenario is no different in Bangladesh. Startup culture has started booming in Bangladesh from the last few years. A portion of them has already received international recognition for their excellent product design and business model. In this write-up, we are covering some of the hottest Bangladeshi startups that uses WordPress technology for various business functionalities.
Hold on, we are not doing a ranking here. So please do not mind the order in this list.
mPower Social Enterprise is a technology and data based social startup that aims to create and use the power of information to improve developmental impact globally. It was founded by two graduate students of Harvard



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