10 Tips for Creating Killer Content that Converts in Any Language – Weglot blog

Have you ever tried translating a phrase or joke into another language? It’s hard, right? Due to the natural and inherent differences in languages, what makes perfect sense in one dialect makes absolutely no sense at all in another. Editing your content before you translate it solves this problem and protects your business from losing potential leads in international markets when you publish content online.
Here are several ways you can edit and ensure your content retains its ability to convert no matter what language it’s in and avoid your message from getting lost in translation.
How Content Converts
Your splash pages and blog posts may convert visitors who speak the same language as you, but does your content hold the same meaning in a different language?
If you watch a dubbed version of an international show, you can see why editing your content is so important. You may hear a laugh track or the characters may laugh, but you don’t find the scene funny because you culturally don’t understand the joke.
There are many quirks when it comes to any language. A phrase that makes sense in one language isn’t necessarily going to make sense or hold the same
Source: https://managewp.org/articles/15286/10-tips-for-creating-killer-content-that-converts-in-any-language-weglot-blog

Source: https://williechiu40.wordpress.com/2017/06/07/10-tips-for-creating-killer-content-that-converts-in-any-language-weglot-blog/


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