How staging environment make WordPress developers life easier

A staging site is an independent clone of your production site, password-protected and accessed only by you or your developers. The staging environment is generally used for testing and development of new plugins, themes or everything related to the production site that would lead to visual or server issues. At times, these issues can be so stressful and long-lasting leading to a negative effect on your visitors, Google ranking, sales etc. We will mention a few common situations that every WordPress developer faced at least once and we will show you how by using the staging environment you can do these changes without stress. Quick presentation how WordPress staging environment works
Soon, we will also write a complete deep guide to present you how easily is to work with a staging environment, meanwhile, here is a simple video. In this video we will:
Create staging environment
Change our theme on our cloned site
Install social share plugin
Push changes to our production site
Most common situations when to use staging environment
Let’s see some common situations where it’s much better and stressless to make changes to your WordPress site.
1. Installing a new plugin
Sometimes with the



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